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Transforming Digital Advertising Success Through Personas and Advanced Data Analysis at Froth Media.

Froth Media, a digital marketing agency, embarked on an innovative campaign to revolutionise the online advertising strategy for a client operating within a high-ticket product niche.


Froth Media, a digital marketing agency, embarked on an innovative campaign to revolutionise the online advertising strategy for a client operating within a high-ticket product niche.

The challenge was to significantly increase sales while navigating the complexities of the target market. Through the strategic implementation of advanced data mapping and the utilisation of breakaway data sets, Froth Media sought to enhance their client’s advertising effectiveness on two major platforms, META and Google.


  1. To achieve a substantial year-on-year increase in total sales.
  2. To leverage data-driven insights for creating high-performing advertising campaigns.
  3. With an increase in advertising spend, focus on optimising the cost per acquisition while increasing the conversion rate.

The Stretegy

Froth Media’s strategy hinged on two innovative approaches: the power of personas and the utilisation of breakaway data sets.

By developing detailed digital personas, we were able to identify and target specific customer segments more in effectively. This approach was complemented by advanced data mapping techniques that allowed for the segmentation of data sets, enabling more personalised and targeted advertising campaigns.

Key Components of the Stretegy

  • Development of Digital Personas: Crafting detailed profiles of the target audience to understand their needs, preferences, and behavior throughout the customer journey.
  • Utilisation of Breakaway Data Sets: Segmenting data to allow for more granular and targeted advertising strategies.
  • Data-Driven Campaigns: Leveraging insights from data analysis to create campaigns that resonate with the target audience at different stages of their customer journey.
  • Bespoke Content Creation: Developing tailored content that aligns with the digital personas, ensuring a powerful and engaging user experience.

The Results

The implementation of this strategy yielded remarkable results

232% Increase in Total Sales

In February, a year-on-year comparison revealed a staggering 232% increase in total sales, signifying a major success in the high-ticket product niche.

Exceptional Campaign Returns

The campaigns generated returns of 17.58x, 15.42x, and 34.39x, showcasing the efficacy of the targeted, data-driven approach.

Conversion Rate Improvement

The conversion rate saw a significant boost of 105%, indicating a more effective conversion of interest into actual sales.

Decrease in Add to Carts

There was a 48% decrease in add to carts, illustrating that the campaigns attracted more decisive buyers, leading to a more efficient sales funnel.

Exceptional Campaign Returns

The strategic focus on digital personas and targeted advertising led to a better cost per acquisition, demonstrating the financial efficiency of Froth Media’s approach.


Our strategic use of digital personas and breakaway data sets in online advertising has set a new standard for achieving remarkable sales growth and optimising marketing spend.

By focusing on data-driven insights and creating bespoke content that resonates with the target audience, we were able to dramatically improve their market performance.

This case study exemplifies how innovative digital marketing strategies can lead to significant business outcomes, proving the power of personas and advanced data analysis in transforming online advertising success.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your digital advertising strategy and experience unprecedented growth? Contact Froth Media today to see how our data-driven approach can transform your business outcomes!

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